Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The widening gap between the desktop computers and laptops or notebook computers in terms of computing power drives more people aiming to purchase a laptop or notebook computer. This fast disappearing gap also drives people to replace their less portable desktop computer to more practical gadgets.

Laptops usually cost slightly higher than a comparable desktop. However, prices have dropped in recent years and laptop prices are very competitive nowadays. Laptops may not be as easy to upgrade with new technology but this will not be a big issue as you only need to configure a laptop with the features that you need. Laptops are completely self-contained as the only things you need are the laptop itself and a power cord.

Plus, you can always get a wireless internet adapter built in to connect to the internet without plug-up. Opting for a laptop instead of a desktop PC seems more practical if you live in a small space that simply cannot house you and a desktop PC at the same time.

However, if your laptop breaks, only the company that made it will be able to fix it, and after the warranty expires they will be happy to offer their service to fix it for you, of course, at whatever the going rate happens to be. Nevertheless, the portability of a laptop makes it a more attractive item to be stolen if it is not properly secured.

The next question that comes into view is how can someone get to buy a laptop or notebook computer at the lowest price, taking into consideration of whether it is new,  used  or  refurbished laptop computer?

The answer is you can buy a laptop or notebook computer at the lowest price by removing the middleman in the transaction, where you actually buy direct from the seller without the traditional middleman. This simple solution suggests that buying the laptop online…and the largest marketplace where you can buy online is eBay!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dragon City Hacker v2.4

Dragon City is a popular social game in Facebook that challenge players to build and manage a city of the Dragons. They are tasked to reproduce dragons and duel other players in a world of many islands. The three main items that players must acquire are gems, gold and food. To obtain gems, players need to level up, complete quests, winning tournaments, and so on. Gold is attained when dragons are reproduced and raised. As for food, it can be grown using crops and such which can purchased with gold.

Of course if you want to go the 'easy' way, you can draw out your real-life cash and purchase some gems for your account. This, however also fills up the coffers of the game's developers and producers. This is why we devised a simple but powerful hacking tool to generate perpetual amounts of gems, gold and food. This ultimately enables you to create a mighty city of dragons with unlimited power and riches.

The Dragon City Hacker v2.4 is a revolutionary hacking tool designed to tweak and alter the deep-coded variables in Dragon City. Below are its features:
  • Able to alter the amount of gems
  • Able to alter the amount of gold
  • Able to alter the amount of food
  • Enables instant addition of dragons
  • Enables instant addition of buildings
  • Allows players to level up
  • Works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers
  • Instant connection to Facebook
  • Undetectable proxy hacking
How to use Dragon City Hacker v2.4:

Step 1:
Open your web browser (must be either Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Opera) and log in to your Facebook account. Leave it opened.

Step 2:

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Open Dragon City Hacker. Choose your browser that you used to log in before and input your Facebook email address.Click "Login with Facebook" to integrate the software with your Facebook account.

Step 3:
Now, the status indicator should read "Connected". In the "Trainer - Adder" column, input your preferred amount for gems, gold and food. For the "Trainer - Options" column, check the game mechanics that you wish to hack. After you are done, click "Start"!

*Watermarks are added to protect the image from distribution*

Step 4:
Go back to your web browser and open Dragon City with your Facebook account. The hacks should already be applied to your account. Enjoy!

That's all. Simple, huh? Now as a reward for visiting this blog, here's Dragon City Hacker v2.4. You can download it for free using the link below.

Credits to DeadHorse for assisting us in creating this great hacking tool!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


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